Why Marion Crane Brewing is closing on March 31

The new owners of Marion Crane are closing on the eve of the annual Beer Summit.

The brewery is now the last brewery in the region to have its lease extended, and it is expected to close in March, The Hill has learned.

The lease for the site was renewed in 2017, and the brewery’s lease was not renewed for another three years.

The brewery is expected, however, to be sold in early 2019.

The Marion Crane brewery in Raleigh.

The beer Summit is taking place on March 1.

The company has faced increasing competition from new brewers.

In March, a local brewery announced plans to open a taproom in the new building.

In July, a group of Durham brewers took the stage at the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild to announce plans to expand into Durham.

In January, the North Carolinian Craft Brewers Association announced plans for the Triangle Beer Summit, which is scheduled to take place March 2-3 in Durham.

The new owners will be the first in the Triangle to have their lease extended since 2011, when the lease of the site for the North Charlotte brewery expired.

In December, a company owned by the late businessman and entrepreneur John J. McCormick announced plans of building a new brewery at the former North Carolina Department of Energy site.

McCormicks, who died in 2013, was the first person to own the North Raleigh-based company that operates the plant.

The McCormicks family also owns the Raleigh-Durham Light Rail.