Why is it so hard to find a white crane in Shanghai?

A crane stands at a gate to China’s second-largest city, Shanghai, in this handout photo provided by the city of Shanghai on January 15, 2018.

A crane stood at a sign at a parking garage in Shanghai, China, in 2017.

A white crane is seen in Shanghai on March 30, 2020.

A female crane flies through a crowd of tourists at Shanghai’s Fuxing Airport in 2017.(Photo by CFP/Shutterstock) A white cat is seen on a fence in Shanghai in 2017(Photo by Fotografia/Shannon Osterhaus via Getty Images)A white crane flies past a sign in Shanghai as part of a city-wide crane ban on January 1, 2020.(Photo courtesy of China Tourism Administration via Getty)A crane is pictured at the gates of Shanghai, Chinese capital city, on January 13, 2020(Photo courtesy the Shanghai Municipal Government via Getty images)A female crane rests on a railing in Shanghai(Photo via the Shanghai Tourism Administration)A man waves as he looks at the skyline in Shanghai.(Photo via Fotogoia/Flickr)A woman flies in the sky at the Shanghai airport on January 4, 2020 (Photo by Jia Zhangke via GettyImages)A male crane flies by at the airport in Shanghai.

A woman and a man sit in a wheelchair at Shanghai airport.(Photo/Shanghai Municipal Government)A sign at Shanghai Airport in Shanghai reads, “Do not disturb” as a crane flies over the city.(Photo By Chen Zhen via Getty/Shaanghai Municipal Council)A visitor looks out over Shanghai’s skyline on January 6, 2020 as a white, female crane with a white mask flies over Shanghai.(AP Photo/Shuangxiang Chen)A crowd of people cheer as a woman rides on a crane in Beijing on January 9, 2020 in this still photo from CCTV News.

A Chinese woman rides a crane near the Shanghai World Expo on January 11, 2020, in Beijing.(Photo provided by CCTV)A helicopter flies over a crowd as a crowd cheers as a man rides a white crescent crane at a Chinese city-run park in Shanghai and the rest of China.(Photo / Xinhua/Chen Weiwei via Getty News)A girl rides on an escalator at a subway station in Beijing.

People in Shanghai shout slogans in support of the Shanghai crane ban.(Photo supplied by CCTV via Getty Media)People gather for a crane ride in Beijing, China.(Reuters photo: Jiang Wen)A member of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army holds up a crane as he sits on a bench in Shanghai’s Tiananmen Square.(Reuters photos: Jiang Feng)A crescent-shaped crane is carried on a truck at a Shanghai subway station.(Reuters images: Jia Wen)Members of the China Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) watch as a crescent shaped crane passes by the entrance of a metro station in Shanghai for the inauguration of a new railway line in Shanghai at Shanghai Railway Station.(AFP Photo: Jian Chen)Members wave to a crane after it flies past Shanghai’s airport on February 4, 2021.(Reuters/Shanshan Liu)A policeman stands next to a cinder block at a street corner in Shanghai during the inauguration ceremony for a subway line in the city on February 5, 2021.

Chinese authorities have announced the nationwide ban on public gatherings and activities to promote tourism and economic growth.(Reuters Photo: Xinhua News Agency)A group of people take photos of a crane at the entrance to the Shanghai International Airport in a photo taken on January 27, 2021, in Shanghai (AFP Photo/Bao Zhihao)A crow flies past the Shanghai skyline as a black crane flies at Shanghai Central Airport.(AFP PHOTO/Shuanghua Wang via Getty Images)People cheer as the crescent shape of a white cat flies past during the inaugural parade of a public memorial in Shanghai before the official opening of the Beijing Expo and Exhibition Center on January 29, 2021(AFP Photo / Yang Zhang)A city official watches as a public crane flies towards a gate during a citywide crane halt on January 7, 2021 in Shanghai by the People’s Republic of China(AFP PHOTO / Yang Zhao)A police officer walks with a police dog during the celebration of the New Year’s Day celebration at a public park in Beijing(AFP photo: Yang Zhang/Pool)People look out over the skyline of Shanghai in this 2017 handout image.(Photo from the Shanghai Government via AP Images) A man rides on the crane at Shanghai National Railway Station in Shanghai ahead of the start of the inauguration procession of a subway system on January 12, 2021 on the outskirts of the city.

The official opening ceremony of the new railway system is set for Thursday.(AFP photo / Zhang Yi)A taxi driver rides on China’s national symbol, the cactus, as he waits at the railway station in central Beijing.(Reuters)A street sign in Beijing


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