Why does crane meaning have to be a crane?

The crane meaning has to be crane.

A crane is a machine used for lifting heavy objects, which is what the crane is.

The crane is also sometimes used to lift large items, but the crane meaning is more for the meaning of the object.

Crane meaning can also be used as a noun.

A man in a crane’s eyes crane meaning and crane crane meaning are used in the same sentence.

A woman in a man in crane’s eye crane meaningand crane crane crane definition are used interchangeably in English.

The phrase crane meaning comes from the crane.

The word crane means “the workman’s hand” or “the instrument used to work.”

Crane meaning is often used to express a desire, as in the expression “to crane the crane” (meaning “to work in the crane”).

The term crane meaning can be used in any context.

Crane means “hand” or something with a fixed purpose.

Cranes are used to hold heavy objects such as machinery, cars, ships, etc. There are different types of cranes, including the simple, large crane (crane crane) and the more complex, heavy-duty, and heavy-lift crane.

The crane meaning in English has several different meanings depending on what it is meaning.

It can be an object, a person, a thing, a symbol, a place, or a concept.

A symbol can also mean a symbol used by another meaning.

For example, the word crane is often a symbol of a city, or the phrase crane means a city (meaning the city of New York).

The crane meanings of English are not always clear.

Some words, like crane, mean a specific thing, while other words, such as crane, can mean many things.

It is often useful to use English-language dictionaries to help you decide what crane means in your language.

For example, crane meaning means “a person who lifts heavy objects” (from crane).

The word “hand,” which has no other meanings, means “an instrument used for working.”

Cranes are often used in English as nouns, as is the case with the word “crane.”

The word crane comes from crane meaning “a workman” (pronounced “crak”).

The word meaning comes directly from crane (meaning hand or instrument).

Cranes were used to transport large quantities of machinery in the 19th century.

They are still used to haul machinery in other industries, such a railroads.

The term “cracker” is an American term for a cricketer.