When the Queen dies – what will happen to the crane?

Cram crane operators are preparing for a possible crash.

The King and Queen are expected to be at the Irish Embassy in London for a state funeral on Wednesday.

They are expected at the ceremony along with other royal dignitaries, including former president Joseph O’Byrne and ex-prime minister Leo Varadkar.

Cram operators have said the crane would be moved out of a building on the grounds of the embassy for a period of time.

There will also be an air show for the crane, with the Queen expected to attend the event.

At a press conference on Tuesday, a spokesman for the Irish Foreign Affairs Office said it was too early to predict the cause of the crash.

He said it could be the cause, or the cause is unknown.

Mr O’Brien said the Queen was “extremely lucky” to be able to attend.

“I would say to her, it is a very special and special day for us,” he said.

However, he added that the Queen’s attendance would not be an indication of her wellbeing.

On Wednesday, Mr Varadkar tweeted: “Crazy time to be alive, but we’re all living through a lot, we’re going through tough times, but the Queen is going through a very tough time.

The world is going to get to know you, the Queen.”

On Tuesday, the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the queen was “well enough” to attend, but was “currently recovering”.