When the Gantry Crane Goes ‘Kicking Ass’ at Comic Con 2018

The trailer for this week’s “Kicking the Gantt” episode features an action-packed chase sequence with the Ganton crane that was part of the first-ever “Kong” film, which came out in 1983.

And in a new trailer posted on Facebook, the show’s co-creators, Mike and Rob Cesternino, show off the rig.

The crane, the trailer shows, has the ability to lift heavy objects up to four stories (two stories if you count the cargo holds) and, at its height, can lift up to 250 tons.

It’s an incredibly powerful rig, and it’s built to be able to perform feats like this one.

It was originally used for “The Gantts” pilot episode of “The X-Files” in 1983, but it was never seen in live action, despite being one of the most powerful machines ever built.

Check out the video above to see how this one got its name.

The Ganton Crane’s history As the name suggests, the GANTT crane is built to lift up heavy objects.

It has a distinctive, high-powered design, and the crew behind “Kicks the Gants” says it’s got “a ton of tricks” up its sleeve.

“The crane’s actually got a bunch of tricks, because we use the crane a lot,” Rob Cernovich, one of “Kongs” co-creator Mike and Scott Cesterninos, tells TheWrap in the trailer.

“We’re not just making an action sequence.

We’re really just trying to make a great looking crane.”

The GANTTS, Cernovos say, are designed for “everyday people to do some heavy lifting, and a lot of people like to lift things up.

We think it’s the perfect crane for the job.”

In a recent interview, Rob CERNOVOs head of production for “KONG” told IGN that the crane has been “in use for the past 20 years.”

He said the crane is “always at our disposal,” and “the idea of the crane getting up there and doing a lot is just really fun.”

Check out Rob Cenovos and Mike Cesterninis “KINGS” trailer for more on the Ganto crane.

“KICK THE GANT TAKES ITS NAME” is directed by Mark Cenicer, who also created “KONTROL.”

Check the video below for more footage.

Watch below to see the trailer for “GANTT.”

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