What’s the crane’s deal with a crane?

The crane, as you might expect, isn’t too thrilled with the idea of the local authorities installing it.

“It’s not going to be able to take the weight of a bus or a car or any of the other vehicles,” he said.

The crane, which is part of a new fleet of vehicles, has been on display at the Queensland Government’s cranes and construction site at Lighthouse Beach in Queensland for almost two weeks, with Queensland Police asking the public to keep away from the crane and to not touch it.

“The crane is designed to be extremely safe and secure and we’ve taken every precaution possible to ensure that it’s safe for everyone involved,” a spokesman for Queensland Police said.

“We have a lot of vehicles that are in the area that are already secured, and we will be using that crane and other equipment as part of our ongoing security measures.”

The crane was built by a firm called RCA, but the company has not responded to questions about its business dealings with the Queensland government.

Crane owner David Langley, who has built more than 100,000 homes across the country, says he has a contract with the Government to maintain the crane.

“I’m not interested in the Government paying me for that,” he told 7.30.

“It will be a contract that will expire at the end of this year.”

Crane operator David Langlley has built thousands of homes.

(ABC News: Mark Gough)The Government is not the only party in the Queensland market that is concerned about the crane: a crane operator in Victoria is also facing a court case over the crane after his company was fined $20,000 in March for a contravention of environmental laws.

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