What if the first American crane had been a crane?

The crane accident that killed four people in Arkansas was the first known crane accident in the United States.

The crane accident occurred in an area near the Arkansas State Capitol.

It is not known if the crane was carrying construction materials or was on the site when it was hit by a truck.

It was not clear what caused the accident.

The Associated Press reports that a federal investigation has been launched.

It is not clear why the crane fell.

Arkansas Gov.

Asa Hutchinson announced a federal civil rights investigation on Monday.

It said it will look into whether the crane’s design complies with safety standards.

The State Department of Transportation (SDSOT) said the crane crashed while carrying construction equipment.

The crane was not loaded.

It had been scheduled to begin work on a road to help build the Arkansas Highway Authority’s (AHA) highway expansion project.

It’s unclear how the crane got loose.

The SDSOT says it is still looking into the accident and will send out an accident report in the next few days.

The AP says the crane may have been carrying a metal box that fell from the crane.

The AHA says it has asked the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to investigate.