Watchdog finds more than a dozen cranes at S.C. farm site


Carolina County Animal Control Officer John Johnson says he found more than 12,000 cranes stacked in piles on an abandoned farm in the Columbia River Gorge.

Johnson, who works for the county, told ABC News that he and his team were called to the farm on Saturday, March 5, after a neighbor reported a large pile of cranes on the property.

Johnson says he contacted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office about the cranes, and the agency confirmed that the crans were there.

Johnson said the owner of the farm told him he had about 3,000 of the crays on his property, which he calls a “chicken farm.”

Johnson says they found the pile of the crane in a clearing behind the farm.

He says the crane owner is not cooperating with the investigation.

The owners of the ranch are not cooperating, Johnson said.

He said they may be trying to avoid criminal charges against the owners.

Johnson told ABC affiliate WCBD-TV that the owner has been contacted by the Columbia Police Department.ABC News’ Kevin Clements contributed to this report.