US cranes land on the runway at Dubai airport

A US crane has landed on the Dubai airport runway after being forced to make an emergency landing following an engine failure.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Tuesday that it had approved a “technical emergency landing” at Dubai’s Shah Alam airport, in which a crane was used to land a crane at the runway.

The FAA said the crane had “experienced an electrical fault” on the rear of its landing gear, and had to be removed.

The crane was flown by a US company and had been used in the past to land on landing pads.

The cranes presence is the first to be confirmed since a US Navy guided-missile destroyer sailed into the Gulf in March.

The Navy is currently deployed in the Middle East to support US forces.

The UAE’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said the US drone was used for surveillance, and was not the type of aircraft that the UAE would be flying.

“We have been watching the drone.

It’s an American aircraft, not a military aircraft,” he said.”

If we see that there is any threat to the security of the UAE or our citizens, we will take action.”

The UAE and the US have been in a stalemate over the implementation of the so-called Pivot of Power initiative, which calls for the US to pivot to the Middle Eastern and Asian regions.

The move has been welcomed by many Arab states, including Qatar, which has welcomed the new US role in the region.

The Emirates has said that it will continue to fight terrorism and defend its sovereignty.