‘They are very strong’: The death of ‘big’ sand crane who ‘fell through’ door

A large sand crane has died at a home in China’s remote Xinjiang province after falling through a door, according to local media.

Key points:Crocodile hunter Dan Crane killed the crane with a rock at a construction site in the city of Zhiyuan in Xinjiang’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous RegionLast month, the crane was found dead in the backyard of a homeThe crane, owned by Dan Crane, was in the area of a construction project when it fell through the door of a propertyThe crane had been hired by the owner of the property to cut a hole into the ground to build a road, local media said.

But Dan Crane was killed by a rock, it said.

“Crocodylians are very, very strong, they are very fast,” said a resident of a nearby home.

“They have a tremendous strength, they will crush the rock, they can also smash the crane, they don’t even hesitate to do it,” he said.

Dan Crane’s death comes just days after he was arrested and charged with killing two other crane operators in the region, the local media reported.

The crane was hired by Dan in the northern region of Xinjiang, where a number of large-scale projects are underway.

In September, he was seen on CCTV filming an unmanned crane that had been set up on a construction pad at a local construction site.

He was arrested in early November after CCTV footage was released, the state-run China Daily newspaper reported.

“Dan Crane is a huge crane hunter.

When I saw him on CCTV, I was so scared,” said one local.”

He will always be remembered as a big crane hunter,” said another.

The two other workers have been identified by their names, Wang Hui and Wang Jun.

Mr Crane is said to have killed several other crane drivers in Xinzhou, an area with a population of more than 5 million people, and was sentenced to death in January for killing three workers at a large construction project.

He has since been released on bail, but remains in detention.


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