Peggy Crane: A new documentary about the woman who died in the helicopter crash

A new docu-series by Peggy Crane, titled Peggy Crane’s Journey: A New Generation of Women Pilots, aims to tell the story of the American women who became part of the world’s first and greatest helicopter rescue operation.

“Peggy Crane was the most influential female pilot in the history of the United States,” said Tom Cavanaugh, president of the National Association of Women in Aerospace, at the launch of the documentary.

“She was a hero and a legend, but I think the greatest hero of all was a woman.

It’s a powerful story that tells the untold story of what it means to be a female pilot.”

The documentary begins with the tragic death of Peggy Crane in 1986, and its subject is none other than former U.S. President Joe Biden, who became a national hero in 1991 when he saved her life from a helicopter that had crashed while landing in the Dominican Republic.

The film then delves into the careers of four women who are still alive and active in aviation today, including the late Peggy Crane.

Cavanaugh said the project aims to help women “realize that it is not only possible, but desirable to do what you love, to be part of something big and important.”

“Peggie Crane, the most iconic female pilot of the 20th century, was an icon for women everywhere,” he said.

“It’s a shame that she didn’t get to be as celebrated as she could have been.”

Biden has since become a household name, with numerous films and books that feature him in heroic and inspirational roles.

The series is produced by the PBS production division and directed by Nancy Schreiber, who also worked on the feature films The War of the Worlds, My Favorite Year, and A Beautiful Mind.

Candelay, who has been a part of PBS for more than 25 years, said she has been fortunate to work with the “phenomenal” group of filmmakers.

“It’s been great to have Nancy and the great team at PBS on this project,” she said.

“There’s so much we can do together to tell this inspiring story about Peggy and her life, the lessons she taught the rest of us about courage and leadership, and the importance of women in all of our lives.

It makes for an inspiring, moving and powerful documentary.”