New Zealand cranes ‘dance’ on ice

The first-ever crane to dance in its own natural habitat, a sand dune on the north coast of New Zealand, has become a popular attraction.

The giant crane, called the Sand Crane, can be seen dancing on the sand dunes in the New Zealand Snowbelt in the remote coastal town of Kaitaia.

Sand cranes, which have been known to use their legs to walk, are popular in New Zealand due to their natural ability to crawl on ice, making them a popular pet.

A crane dances on a sand-dune near Kaitaaia, New Zealand.

Sand cranes are popular pets in New Zeland.

Photo: Facebook/Sand Crane Rescue Facebook pageThe Sand Crane is one of many crane species found on the southern New Zealand coastline.

It is a member of the crane family (Pteropodidae) that includes the Crane Family of Insects and the Sand-Dwelling Crane, which is related to the Sand Crow.

The Sand-Crow is a giant crane found in the southern hemisphere.

Crows and Sand Cranes have been found in all corners of the world, from Australia to the US.

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