Lego crane’s name has nothing to do with its function

Posted November 09, 2018 07:59:03When you’re looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous Lego crane, you might consider a crane that’s not really a crane.

You know, a big-ticket item with a name like that.

You might also look to the other side of the aisle: the small, portable, and often cheaper versions of Lego’s crane.

That’s where the lego-crane name comes from, and Lego is one of the first companies to capitalize on its popularity.

Lego’s crane can move up to 150 feet.

Lego has also created the Lego crane series, which have all been sold at various retail locations.

This one is the best for the kidsThe Lego crane is an all-in-one crane with built-in supports that can move from one position to another.

Legos’ crane, for example, is meant to be used for climbing, which means it’s not just a small, low-tech toy.

This crane can reach a height of 15 feet, but you can actually set it down with a single push.

You’ll need a sturdy support that is strong enough to hold the crane, and it’ll take up the least amount of space.

Lego’s other crane, the Lego Crane II, has a similar structure.

This model, which is also called the Lego Power, is also very strong, but can only hold up to 15 feet.

Its biggest advantage is its price.

While you’ll need to spend an extra $20 to buy the Lego power, you can pick up the other two Lego crane models for less.

This is a great option for the budget-minded.

For the more adventurous, you’ll want to look at the Lego Rowing Crane.

This smaller model is ideal for people who want to take it for a spin, or for those who want something a little more sturdy.

The Rowing crane can be used in different ways.

If you want to build a small boat, you could use the Rowing, which you can then use as a stand for your home or business.

Or you could get the more robust Rowing.

This can be the perfect addition to a deck, where you can set up a rack to mount it on top of.

And, of course, you have the option to use it for both fishing and rowing.

For the more hardcore Lego fans, the ROW is even capable of lifting up to 10 tons.

The ROW comes in two versions, one for kids and one for adults.

The kids version costs $60.

The adults version costs only $45.

Both versions of the Lego rowing crane are built with a sturdy, solid construction that can withstand the weight of its own weight.

Legoos Rowing Crane is a two-piece crane that can hold up a load of up to 20 tons.

The cost of the ROWS is $70.

The adult version comes with a large wooden stand, and the cost of that is $80.

Legos has released several different models of the Legos crane.

The one that comes with your order is called the Power, which will set you back $100.

You can also get the ROOF, which features a stand that is 10 feet high and is the same weight as the Power.

The $70 price tag is the lowest price we’ve seen for any of these models.

The second model, the Power+ROOF+, comes with both the Power and the RooF, and is built for $150.

These models are built for more than 10 tons, but the Rower is the lighter of the two, costing $50.

The final model, named the ROWER, is a three-piece model that comes in at $200.

The Power+ is a solid construction with a solid, sturdy support system that holds the crane to the ground, and has a height from 20 feet up to 45 feet.

It is also a two piece, meaning it has two parts to it.

It comes with the Power+, ROOFF, and ROOR, which are the only two of these that can lift up to 50 tons.

Both of these come with a hefty price tag.