Indian crane operator hires a woman to help her dad out

The crane operator job of a father-son duo is looking more like a dream job.

The father-sister duo, both auto crane operators, is taking their son to the market in Kolkata, where they are hiring a crane operator to help them out.

They said the son was going to a crane yard in Kalyan, Kerala, when he got injured.

“The injured boy was brought to us by his father, and we decided to take him to the field.

We took him to a place where we could pick him up, and I saw him there,” said the father-of-one, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation for a hip injury.

“It is an interesting job for the boy.

I am happy that he is here.

We have been waiting for him.”

According to the father, the father had gone to a local field for a job, when the crane operator told him he needed help.

He approached the crane operators on his own, and the father told him to get himself picked up.

“He was taken to a field and picked up by a crane.

The crane driver helped him and gave him a lift to a nearby building,” said Vijay Kumar Kumar, the crane driver.

“I had no idea who he was.

I asked him to take my son.

He told me he was the crane.

I gave him Rs 5,000 to take me.

I told him that it was a dream come true.”

The crane operator said he would be happy to help his son in any way.

“If I was to get injured, I would go and take my boy to the hospital and get treatment,” he said.

“In this job, I have to give my best.

It is an honour to be picked up in this way.”

The father said the boy was going through some serious rehabilitation.

“We have got him out of the hospital now and are getting him back to work.

I will give him Rs 10,000 each week.

I do not have the money to get a car.”