How to use a robot to get rid of unwanted roommates

In China, a robot could be the answer to the problem of unwanted tenants in your apartment.

In January, Chinese news outlet Vice News published a story about a robot that can “seize” unwanted roommate tenants by placing them in an automated home.

The robot, called “zhiying crane,” can even pull people from apartments if they are too close to their own apartments.

But the robot is only available in a limited number of cities.

In Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, the robots are only available to apartment owners.

A number of other robots can be used to take out unwanted roommaters, including a “shelter robot” that can protect your home from being attacked by unwanted guests.

The shelter robot can even be used for security purposes, if you have to stay away from your home.

According to the report, the shelter robot is used in the apartment building in Zhengzhou, which is the largest city in Henan province.

It’s equipped with cameras that track you, and can tell you when guests are present and where they are.

The shelters can also send you a text message when guests arrive.

Zhou Zhengliang, the manager of the Zhengzhou apartment complex, said the robots will be able to take care of the apartment.

He said that the robots can’t physically take out people, but the shelter can pull them from the apartment if they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Zhu Zhijun, a spokesperson for the Zhengguan Building Association, which manages the building, said that there are already some shelters in Zhengguang, but he would not elaborate on the number of them.

According the report from Vice News, the shelters are used in Zhengs home.

But, according to a local news site, there are about 20 of them in Zhengjian, the largest and most expensive apartment complex in the city.

Zhijun told the news site that some of the shelters in the complex have been shut down because of safety concerns.

The Zhengzhou Building Association said it was working with the government to set up new shelters, but that there will be a “lot of problems” if there are any problems with existing shelters.

The association has been working with local authorities to create new shelters.


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