How to tattoo the crane’s bird image

New Zealand’s biggest crane has been tattooed with a giant bird.

The crane, a sign of a nation that is on the rise, has been given the iconic bird’s head and wings to symbolise the country’s economic development.

The bird’s image has been a key part of the national identity of the capital Auckland, and is the symbol of New Zealanders pride and success, said the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions.

“It is an iconic symbol of the city and the people,” said the council’s chief executive, Peter Robinson.

“We want to celebrate our diverse, multicultural and cosmopolitan nature and the fact that we have an enormous crane in the city.”

The crane is one of several national symbols in the capital.

It was once part of an ancient royal palace and was used as a trading post in the 18th century.

Its iconic bird head and wing symbolises New Zealand as a rising power, said Robinsons office.

“I think the symbolism is really important and I think it is a really powerful symbol,” he said.

The new crane is being tattooed by a team of around 20 artists at a ceremony in Auckland.

The project was organised by the National Museum of New South Wales.

The artists hope to start work on the new crane’s head in the coming weeks.

The New Zealand government says the crane symbolises the people of the state, its history and the growth of New England.

The government said it will be the first time in its history a crane has had its head and feathers tattooed on the body of a national icon.

It said the bird’s appearance in the crane has not only represented New Zealand but also the history of the nation.

“This is a very powerful symbol that is very significant in New Zealand,” said Mr Robinson.

“The crane symbolizes our success and our progress in the 21st century.”

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