How to save a crane: How to avoid a crane wife’s death

By Robert Crane / Staff Photographer The crane wife of Bob Crane, a veteran of the U.S. Navy who died in a crash in Alaska last year, is shown in this undated handout photo provided by the Anchorage Alaska Daily News.

The crane husband of Bob Cranes wife, The crane widow of BobCrane, a Marine veteran who died last year in a fiery crash in Anchorage Alaska, is pictured in this handout image provided by his family.

The U.K. military contractor whose death was linked to the construction of a new Alaska base is shown at a press conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, July 12, 2018.

The Marine Corps’ Pacific Fleet’s first base in Anchorage has been delayed, and its second will be on a remote island, a move the military said on Friday.

The announcement by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, which followed the announcement Friday by the Marine Corps, came as Alaska Gov.

Bill Walker said the death of the crane wife was not related to work on the base.

Walker said in a statement that “this tragedy cannot go on.”

The military has said that construction work on a new base is underway and will be completed this year, with the final footprint of the new base expected to be completed in 2021.

The military said Friday that it had not yet received official confirmation of the death, but the announcement came as Walker spoke to reporters outside the U,N.


“We are still looking into this,” Walker said.

Walker, a Republican, said the Marine Corp had not provided the military with enough information to determine the cause of the crash, which took place early on Friday morning.

He said the U.,N.

is continuing to investigate.

Walker’s office said the military had not disclosed details of the investigation or the cause.

A helicopter with a Marine Corps helicopter crew and the Navy’s Alaska Naval Shipyard team, which is responsible for the construction site, and Alaska Department of Transportation were dispatched to the site at about 2:40 a.m.

Friday to begin investigating the crash.

Walker said the base would not be ready for the start of construction by the end of the month.

Walker called the accident a “major loss to our troops” and a “sad day for Alaska.”

Walker, who was in Alaska with the U-N General Assembly, said that he is concerned about the future of Alaska’s naval base.

He added that the base’s construction would require the transfer of two other bases, which he said were in other states.

Walker had earlier expressed concern that the Marine base’s future was uncertain.

U.S.-based aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp. had previously said it would be conducting a review of the accident and had not announced plans to transfer the Alaska base.

At the news conference, Walker said, “This is a very sad day for all of Alaska and our nation.

This is not the time to be making this decision.”

Walker said he will hold a press briefing on Saturday.

Anchorage Mayor Ted Wheeler said in his statement that the “possibility of another tragedy like this has to be weighed against the benefits and sacrifices of building a new military base and building a base that will serve our citizens, our communities and our state.”

The Alaska Department and Marine Corps said that the helicopter and the Alaska Navy were “working closely with the Department of Defense to determine whether a replacement base can be located in Anchorage.”

An Alaska State Troopers helicopter and a Marine Marine Corps Marine Corps team were on site when the accident happened, according to the Alaska Department.

“The Marine Corps is currently investigating the cause and is working with the Alaska State Police and the U.-N.

to determine how the accident occurred,” the Alaska Marine Corps tweeted Friday morning, and added that a team from the Marine Marine Fleet Aviation Office is also on site.

This is not an isolated incident.

The Alaska Air National Guard’s Marine Aircraft Wing was also on base when the helicopter crashed.

Maj. Mark Gudel, a spokesman for the Alaska Army National Guard, said in an email that an investigation is underway into the cause, but he added that all flights have resumed.

In a statement, Walker called for the creation of a $1 billion fund to fund the construction and operation of the base, and the creation “of a new Marine Corps base in the U to replace the current base at Chukchi Sea Base.”