How to get a crane’s toilet in your backyard

We’re going to give you a quick tutorial on how to get the crane’s toilets installed in your yard.

Cranes are often installed by contractors for a price. 

If you’re interested in installing your own crane, you can check out our article on how the crane works and how to install it in your garden. 

The crane toilet is installed on the outside of the crane, and comes with a toilet plunger which you can hook up to your hose and hose clamps to attach to the crane. 

You can use the toilet plungers as an alternative to a normal toilet in some instances. 

It’s worth noting that this toilet is not waterproof.

It can be put in a shallow pit and then a water line can be run through the toilet.

This can be used to clean the inside of the toilet and then drain the waste water to a drain. 

Once the toilet is set up, the toilet will automatically start to flush. 

After the toilet has been in place for about 10 minutes, it will turn on and you will see a light on the toilet with the words Crane  on it.

The crane’s plumbing is built into the crane so that if there is any damage, the water can be drained and the toilet can be re-installed.

If the toilet does not flush properly, you will need to replace it with a new one. 

There is an installation manual on the crane toilet’s website which explains how to set up the toilet in a standard way and then how to do a complete reinstallation.

You can check your own local crane contractor’s website to find out what type of toilet to get installed.