How to fly a drone with a bite and not get a spider bite

David Crane flies his drone over a field of crops.

He’s using a camera on his drone to capture footage of the scene, which he says is part of a farmer’s market.

Crane is taking video of the farmers, who have just finished planting crops.

Crane explains how he used a camera and a drone to take video of this market.

“The farmer is putting in some extra crop material.

So I’m flying over and looking at it and I can see the spider’s head,” Crane told me.

Crane says the farmer put a few of the seeds into a bag and then he left it in a container, where it got stuck.

“I thought, you know, ‘Oh, there’s a spider in there,’ but the next thing I know it’s sitting on top of my drone, and it’s eating it.”

The farmer was able to free it, but not before the spider bit Crane’s drone.

Crane said he doesn’t want the farmer to be blamed for the bite.

“He should be thanking me for coming over and letting him know,” Crane said.

Crane has been flying drones for the past couple of years and he’s noticed that spiders are much more active when they’re flying.

“They’re much more aggressive,” Crane explained.

“When I’m doing my field trip, I’ll just sit down and I’ll use the camera and the drone and the camera, and I’m not doing anything.

They’ll just go for me.”