How to build a crane fly that looks like a dinosaur

The crane flies used in Jurassic Park and other films are designed to look like dinosaurs.

Now it looks like the same dinosaur-shaped crane fly could actually be used to build drones.

A video posted to YouTube by the Robotics Engineering Lab at the University of Michigan shows how a team of researchers created a robot that looks a lot like a giant, prehistoric dinosaur.

The robot is attached to a drone, and a set of motors drives it around the arena.

The team says the robot will “mimic” the movements of a dinosaur as it walks around.

The drone will then be attached to the crane fly to fly it around.

Watch the video below.

The researchers have already created a working prototype.

But it won’t be cheap.

It costs about $500 to build the drone, which they hope to sell for $20,000.

The video shows how the drone is attached and attached to one of its legs.

This robot is about 10 feet tall, and it weighs about 3.4 pounds.

The robots are already being used for some interesting applications, like helping to create robotic parts for robots that have to bend and twist in order to operate.

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