How to avoid the MAX crane mishap

A MAX crane operator accidentally killed a crane operator and seriously injured another on Saturday while driving a remote control vehicle near a major downtown area, police said.

The accident occurred on the west side of the mall at 9th Street and Sixth Avenue, near the corner of Seventh and Sixth avenues.

Aerial footage from a camera mounted to the crane showed the crane operator walking toward the camera as the crane moved over a parking lot and onto the street.

The operator, whose name was not immediately released, then struck another crane operator who was standing next to the camera.

The crane operator was pronounced dead at the scene.

No injuries were reported.

The operator was working on a remote crane when he went out of control, the New York City Department of Buildings said in a statement.

The agency did not identify the operator.

The department is investigating the incident and will work with the operator’s employer, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to determine what steps should be taken, the statement said.