How the crane school districts plan to spend $400M in 2017, 2018

Crane schools in the Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Baton Rouge area are set to get a $400 million boost in the coming years.

The district, in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency, is seeking to spend up to $400m this year, $300m next year, and up to the amount needed for 2019.

The Crane School District has asked the public to help them complete their funding plans for the next five years. 

The Crane School Board approved a new plan that will give $350 million for 2019 and $300 million for 2020.

Crane officials say the plan will ensure the district’s schools are prepared for the needs of students and families in the next 50 years.

The district will use the funds to upgrade the school facilities and to add a new science and technology facility to help students learn more about the environment and the effects of climate change.

The new science building will be located at the southeast corner of North and South Main streets in downtown Houston.

“The Crane Schools are already preparing to provide the highest quality education to our students, with facilities like the new science science building, a new library, and the new building for the science department, but we are looking to add more,” district spokesperson, Terri Moore, said. 

“The new science classroom, the new library and the science room, are part of the overall vision of what the district is looking to accomplish,” she added. 

Students and families at the school will also get a better understanding of the environmental impact of climate, Moore said.

“We are looking forward to getting this to the students and learning more about how the school is going to prepare them for the impacts of climate.”

The district is also planning a major overhaul of the school, starting in 2019, with a $350m construction plan and an additional $150m for the district over the next three years.

Crane students will also receive free tutoring at the new school.

“This is the beginning of a big overhaul of our schools,” Crane School Superintendent Michael Smith said.

“It’s going to be the beginning, it’s the next big thing,” he added.

The district says it will begin to hire additional teachers, improve computer labs, and expand and expand the curriculum for 2019-2020. 

Crane has already added some new students to the program.

Students who have received free tutors will be able to start working with their new teachers in the fall. 

There are about 400 students at the Crane school.