Former ‘bridge crane’ designer sentenced to 15 years in prison

A former designer for the world’s largest bridge crane in Shanghai was sentenced to 30 years in jail Thursday, two years less than he was sentenced last year.

The sentence, which will not take effect until 2021, comes after a judge in Shanghai found the crane was “not an efficient and cost-effective device.”

“The crane was not constructed with the same safety standards as the existing bridges and it did not have adequate control systems, which led to numerous accidents,” a court official said.

“It caused numerous deaths and injuries in accidents and in the course of the construction.”

Jiang Yongping, the crane’s designer, was sentenced in August, and sentenced again in October.

Jiang and his wife, Zhang Chunhua, were arrested in 2016 after Chinese authorities found evidence that they had been illegally exporting a series of devices that were designed to carry and lift cargo across the world.

They were later convicted and jailed.

They faced up to 15 and a half years in a maximum security prison, and were fined 1.5 million yuan ($23,600).

They have appealed the sentence.

In 2016, Jiang and Zhang were sentenced to two years in hospital after being seriously injured during a crane crash.

The crash was caused by a faulty part on the crane.

The judge ordered that the couple be sentenced to six months in jail, but the sentence was suspended.

Jiang is now on a rehabilitation program and has been granted leave from his work for about two years, according to the court official.

Zhang was convicted and sentenced in December 2016.

Prosecutors had asked for a prison sentence of between two and three years, saying she “recklessly violated the safety rules” and that she “intentionally caused serious injuries” and “destroyed” the crane during the crash.


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