“Cronkron” in development for the West Vancouver waterfront

Cranes, Mill Park, and the West Village are all looking to be redeveloped.

But, as it stands, only one of those is ready to go.

The other is called “Cranes mill park” and would be a major development on the site of the existing mill.

“We’ve got a lot of different options on the table for the mill, but the biggest one that’s been mentioned to us is a new crane library,” said Tom Hamilton, vice president of development for J&J Construction, which owns the site.

There’s been a lot going on with this site, but there’s been no real discussion of a crane library yet.

The West Village is still a large part of the city, but, at this point, the idea is that the library could serve the entire waterfront, with all of the buildings and parks connected together.

A crane library would be an amazing addition to the waterfront, said Hamilton.

With the potential to redevelop and grow in the area, Hamilton said he thinks it’s worth exploring the idea.

It would also create an ideal location for the planned development of the West Riverwalk, said Mark Wilson, executive director of the Downtown West Vancouver Alliance.

Wilson said the library would make a good fit for the park’s history, and he was hopeful the city would consider bringing in a crane as a part of that.

Cranys mill, meanwhile, has a history of development.

The mill was built in 1910 and was converted into a lumber yard in 1924.

In 2010, the mill became the site for a new, large warehouse that’s now the site where the new West Village will be built.

While the city hasn’t done a formal planning application yet, the plan calls for building a crane mill park.


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