Crane operator jobs robert Scott crane, Broderson company are in danger

More than 40 jobs could be at risk after a crane operator at Brodener’s Beach House in Brodenton fell victim to a fall from a balcony on Friday night.

Brodener said in a statement it was “working closely with the NSW Police and emergency services” after the crane operator was injured during a crane repair job at the beach house.

Police said the crane worker was taken to the hospital in a serious condition.

He was later released.

Broderson’s spokesperson, Tony Grosz, said the company was “disappointed” by the incident and that the crane has been taken to a specialist crane shop in Brisbane for further assessment.

“We are deeply concerned about this incident, and we want to make sure the operator is supported through this traumatic experience,” he said.

A crane operator falls to his death from a building balcony.

Photo: Facebook Broderer’s Beach house was built in 1903 and it is located at a location on the Brodersen Peninsula.

Crane operators are employed in various roles at Brodener’s.

They work in a number of roles including construction, building maintenance, cleaning, electrical and mechanical work.

The Brodeners are part of a number companies in the area and a large number of their jobs are in NSW.

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