Crane High School basketball players get the message about not eating pork

Crane High student teams are celebrating with a game of hoops on Monday night after they overcame a 3-point deficit and defeated the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, team, 34-28.

The team was on a roll in the second half when the senior guard, Josh Fondell, and senior guard Tyler Ojeda, Jr., both 6-foot-11 and 220 pounds, both scored 16 points each, and the seniors grabbed a 17-point lead in the third quarter.

After that, the team had a chance to win the game and it was down to three points.

The seniors got the final three points in a row to take a 62-51 lead with 3:14 left.

The team went on to win on a pair of free throws by Fondells.

Coach Scott Anderson said the team is very proud of the effort.

“The boys have done a great job,” Anderson said.

“It’s just something that the team has done to be able to overcome that deficit, and I’m very proud that they were able to take that opportunity and get back to the basketball game.”

The game was played at the Iowa City Convention Center.

The game featured some interesting moments as well.

Ojadas’ 3-pointer, which was a dunk, went in off the rim.

But after he missed his shot, he tried to hit another shot to get the score to 3.

But he missed.

The ball bounced off the backboard and then hit the back of the rim, which bounced back into the hoop.

Fondell then hit another 3 to give the senior team a 16-12 lead with 1:38 left.

It was a big win for the team, as they are hoping to get to the playoffs in the next round of NCAA Tournament.

The junior guard has been named the Cyclones all-time leading scorer and had 22 points.