Crane cams are no longer being used to record footage of crane collisions

Crop workers at the China Crane Industry Association say they have seen a dramatic decrease in crane collisions over the past year, with more than two-thirds of the incidents being prevented by a crane camera.

The association’s president and chief executive, Zhang Zengqian, told CBC News the industry is now working with the provincial government to ensure the crane cocks are working correctly.

He said the crane cameras are often used by crane operators to record accidents that happen at night.

The number of collisions that were prevented due to the crane camera has increased by a factor of six or seven in recent months, Zhang said.

“We are working with our provincial government on the issue and are very confident that the cameras are working properly,” Zhang said in an email.

In March, the provincial forestry and agri-food ministry banned the use of crane crams for capturing video of collisions with other vehicles.

“If a crane is involved in a collision, the crane operator must immediately remove the crane and immediately stop the collision,” the ministry said in a statement.

“This must be done within three seconds.”

However, the Chinese government said that in March it had removed the crane from use in China.

The crane camera’s main purpose is to help farmers, including farmers in remote regions, record the movement of crop plants as they are planted, Zhang added.

However, Zhang believes the video footage captured by the crane can also be useful for the public.

“A video can be very useful for understanding crop production,” he said.

He noted that the crane is a valuable tool for farmers because it is “an instrument that is very cheap, so it can be used to save money and to reduce waste.”

The crane industry is a very large one in China, and the association said it is working with provincial governments to reduce the number of crane crashes, as well as to provide a more transparent and timely review of the industry’s safety record.

“Crop producers need to understand that they cannot rely on a single company or company for the safety of their crop production, and that the safety regulations must be strictly enforced by industry, state and national authorities,” Zhang wrote in an e-mail to CBC News.


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