Conservatives, Liberals blame Russia for election meddling

After a month of false narratives, President Trump and the Republican Party finally got a true story out of the Russia collusion story.

Here’s what you need to know.

article Posted September 17, 2018 09:18:51 If there’s one thing conservatives and liberals have been doing better than the Democrats, it’s blaming Russia for an election that they did not win.

The Democrats, after all, were the ones who had been trying to undermine Trump for months, and they did so by using “fake news” and “dishonest media” to make his case.

This was a clear attempt to discredit Trump as a candidate and undermine the legitimacy of his presidency.

Conservatives were quick to denounce the fake news narrative and its author, Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, as a “right-wing conspiracy theorist.”

And they were even quick to suggest that Schiff should be impeached over his false claims.

Trump was, in short, not doing anything illegal.

But the Republicans were, in fact, doing something very illegal.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that the Republican National Committee paid $100,000 to a Russian political consultant who worked with the campaign of former President Trump.

The story also reported that the Russians paid $50,000 for “social media and other data.”

The RNC denied that it paid any Russian money to spread disinformation during the election.

But a former RNC official told the Post that he did “research” on the matter and discovered that the Russian money was paid through a company called Crowdstrike.

Crowdstrike was created by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is overseen by CrowdStrike’s founder, Dmitri Alperovitch.

CrowdStrike, which has previously been accused of providing the DNC with fake data during the 2016 election, has denied any wrongdoing.

The RNC has been working to clear its name for months and had already been working with the Trump campaign to investigate the Russia interference story.

But on Friday, after the Post’s story broke, Rep.(R-Wis.) called on the Trump administration to investigate Crowdstrike and the Russian interference story and asked the Justice Department to “get involved.”

The Hill reported that “House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is calling on the White House to immediately launch a full, bipartisan investigation into the extent of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

Nunes has been pushing for a full probe of the Russian meddling for months.

And on Friday he also said that if the White to continue its investigation, he would consider a subpoena.

And he said he is considering a subpoena for Crowdstrike, because “the Russians were working for the Russians” before the election, even though Crowdstrike’s CEO, Dmitro Kovalev, was an employee of the DNC and worked for the Trump presidential campaign.

The Hill also reported on Thursday that Trump’s campaign chairman, Kellyanne Conway, said that there is evidence that Russian hackers targeted the RNC’s Facebook page during the campaign.

“We had people targeted and we had our own ads that were targeting those people.

We had people on Facebook that were on Facebook who were targeting our own people, targeting people who were doing a lot of work for us,” Conway said on Fox News.

“And the Russians didn’t care what the American people thought.”

The story of the false Russian collusion narrative was not the only story that Trump has been lying about.

On Friday, he also claimed that the election was stolen.

But there is no evidence that this was the case.

Instead, Trump has consistently said that he won the election because of voter fraud.

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that Trump claimed that there were 3 million illegal votes cast in the November election.

On Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper said Trump’s claim that he lost the election is a “scam.”

“I’m telling you right now, there’s no evidence of voter suppression.

There’s no proof that anybody voted twice.

And the polls were rigged,” Trump said.

But in his speech to Congress on Friday morning, Trump said that the American media is “destroying our democracy.”

Trump also told reporters that he thinks the media is the enemy of the American People.

“I think they’re the enemy because they’re not covering the news the way we’re covering it.

They’re covering a different story,” Trump told reporters.

“They don’t cover the stories that I want to see.

They don’t want to cover the issues that I care about.

So I think they destroy the American Republic.”

Here’s how the Russian collusion story unfolded.

The Russia scandal was born in September, when a former British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, compiled a dossier detailing alleged Russian meddling in the election and the collusion of Trump campaign officials and surrogates.

Steele compiled the dossier, which was later corroborated by other intelligence agencies, and published it in full.

The dossier was also published in March 2017, three months before the Republican convention, when Trump made a major speech about his election victory.

Trump has denied that


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