Chiswick’s Crane’s Country Store closed after fire

Crane’s country shop in Chisworth, south-west London, has closed following a fire.

The store, located at 12 West Street, was closed on Wednesday, after the fire broke out at its rear doors.

“We will be providing a full statement shortly.” “

More:Firefighters have begun work to restore the front door of the shop, which is located at the corner of East and North streets.”

We will be providing a full statement shortly.”

More:Firefighters have begun work to restore the front door of the shop, which is located at the corner of East and North streets.

A number of customers were evacuated as a precaution, with staff unable to enter the store due to smoke and flames in the building.

The fire is believed to have been sparked by a fire at the rear of the store which had started outside.

The blaze had been extinguished by midday.

A spokesperson for the fire service said the fire was under control by the afternoon and the cause of the blaze had not been identified.

Firefighters are currently inspecting the interior of the building and are continuing to work to contain the fire.

More news from the area: Fire crews battle fire at Chislington store, which was evacuated after smoke bomb A fire has been burning at a Chisbrook’s Country store in London, after which all the windows were evacuated due to fire safety regulations.

Chiswick Fire Brigade said it was alerted to a “significant fire in the rear” of the business at about 5:45pm on Wednesday.

“The fire was quickly contained by fire crews who responded and were able to bring the fire under control,” a statement read.

“The incident is now under investigation.

It is believed the fire began in the back of the establishment and the rear had been closed.

A spokesperson said: “A fire was also reported in the front of the premises which caused a number of residents to be evacuated.

“Residents are being kept in the area by their local fire brigade and are being asked to stay inside while the investigation continues.”

The Chisbroke’s Country Shop is located in the former warehouse block of the Old Chiswood factory.

Owner James Chiswell has run the business for over 30 years.

He said the closure was due to safety and maintenance issues.

Earlier, the shop’s owner, James Chishwell, said the shop would reopen on Thursday.

His daughter, Samantha, said she was “very sad” to hear of the closure, but had not received any official information about the cause.

We have a good reputation and we had no reason to close it, so we have to deal with it.” “

We were just a local business, he always told us, ‘If you close it down, you are not going to get it reopened’.”

We have a good reputation and we had no reason to close it, so we have to deal with it.

“A message left for the shop owner on the company website was not immediately returned.

Chishwell said the business had been in the care of the Chisborough Housing Trust, which has given him no reason for the closure.

In a statement, Chiswich Borough Council said it had been informed about the fire at 11.15am and had sent the relevant agencies to investigate.

All businesses in Chisebrooks town centre have to meet fire safety guidelines and are required to have fire exits at their rear doors and fire extinguishers at their back doors, the council said.

Last year, the government scrapped its policy of allowing businesses to operate under a temporary licence after reports of a spike in arson attacks.

‘Crazy’ store closures, claims of arson attack ‘scaremongering’ The fire at Crane’s store in Chishworth is believed, but not confirmed to be arson.

However, a number customers have been evacuated due a lack of fire safety measures, with a statement from the fire services confirming they were “currently assessing the fire”.

Fire brigade spokesperson Steve Phelan said: “There is a large amount of smoke and gas in the store and fire crews have begun working to put out the fire and will be doing so for some time.”

He added: “[We are] asking people to stay indoors as they continue to assess the situation.”

Chsbrook Fire Brigade has sent out a warning to the community, with residents urged to remain indoors as the fire continues to burn.

Read more:Chisbrook Fire and Rescue Service tweeted: “Fire crews are currently assessing the area and are working to control the fire.”


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