Chinese cranes take the cake in World’s Most Beautiful Crane Matches

Chinese crane mats are everywhere on Chinese streets and have been seen at several international exhibitions.

One of the most famous is the Shanghai Exhibition of China’s Famous Chinese Crane Matchers, where the mats are featured prominently.

The Beijing Matches feature over 1,200 matchers.

The Chinese matchers have been around for thousands of years and are used to keep competitors in check, but they are also extremely popular with children.

There are about 100 million matchers in China, according to the China Matchers Association, and they are known for their high jumping ability and powerful kicks.

Chinese matchers are usually found in the wild, but when a child wants to practice matcher jumps, they can purchase matchers for a few thousand dollars at the market.

They also make excellent climbing equipment, with their long spikes and heavy spikes being the most common.

The mats are also used for the entertainment of children, and there are many popular activities for children in China: Chinese children are known to love playing games such as tag and tag, and to use a variety of sports and activities including gymnastics, ping pong, and basketball.

The Chinese matcher has been used as a way to encourage healthy eating habits.

A Chinese mat performer stands on a mat as they practice in a Chinese Matchers exhibition, in Shanghai, China, December 16, 2016.

As of June 30, 2018, there were 8.5 million matcher mats in China.

Source: Getty Images