Alex Crane’s funeral, visitation schedule set for Friday

WASHINGTON (AP) A crane that crashed in a backyard during a construction job is expected to attend Alex Crane ‘s funeral on Friday, a day after he was killed in an accident while helping with a construction project.

The crane operator died when it crashed into the home of his wife, Julie, who lived in a nearby apartment complex.

The two were building the home when the accident occurred.

Julie Crane, 32, was a construction manager for the company that was building the house.

She was a mother of four children.

The crash killed a woman and injured two others.

Julie is in stable condition.

Alex Crane, 28, is the father of two children, Cody and D’Anja.

He was married and had been working for the crane company, which is based in Arlington, Virginia.

The construction company said in a statement on Friday that construction crews had just finished clearing the building’s foundation when they noticed the crane had come down.

The crew called police to report a problem.

The workers told police they were in the process of removing the crane when it suddenly came down, but it remained in the garage for about 30 minutes before they returned to the site to complete the job.

Cody Crane told ABC News in December that the crash left him speechless.

“He was trying to help me and the others with the crane, and he thought I had lost control,” Cody said.

“And then it went into the ground, and I was totally speechless.”

D’Anjas Crane told NBC News in November that he was so scared, he had to stay in the home until rescue crews arrived.