A ‘cargo crane’ for ‘frozen’ construction

Construction crane owner R.M. Graziano is proposing to use a giant, floating crane to haul construction materials from one building to another.

Graziano, a construction engineer with Grazieri Construction Inc., said he hopes to make a similar operation using a different type of crane.

The proposed new crane, which will be capable of lifting a load of 20 tons, would be used in the construction of large office buildings in downtown Pittsburgh.

Grosiani said the project could reduce the amount of materials needed for the job, while also making it easier for crews to move materials.

He said it could also increase the amount and speed at which workers can finish their jobs.

“It’s going to be a game changer in terms of our ability to handle these projects,” Graziani said.

“I’m confident that this will bring down costs in a very short period of time and bring us back to the competitive and competitive position we had in the last 20 years.”

The project is not yet a reality, but Grazi said it’s a long-term project.

He said the crane will be built in Pittsburgh and would cost about $200 million to build, although he doesn’t know how much it would cost to maintain.

Griziano said he has been in contact with several contractors, including American Iron Works Inc., the U.S. Steel Corporation and the U-Haul Corporation.

He’s also interested in partnering with another crane company in Pittsburgh, but didn’t name that company.

Grossman said the company has built some of its own crane systems.

He’s also hoping to hire a contractor for the project, and hopes to begin moving materials to the site in December or January.